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This page is necessary detailed and intended for readers looking for a specific type of project or system. Those listed are the larger projects which involved a more formal approach, Project management is always set at an appropriate level for the client - some require formal initiation and reporting throughout the life of the project, at the other end of the spectrum are clients who agree the scope and want to know when it is finished. Unless otherwise stated the role was to plan and manage the project.

Selection and implementation of a CareManager3 (now ICH Business Manager) for a national care provider.

Upgrade of the Scrittura confirmation management system in 2 phases. Also scoped and defined the post-upgrade tasks which were then feasible due to the upgrade.

Upgrade of the Acorde (Oracle IPM now WebCenter) document management system, including ITESoft QuickCapture.

Jointly planned and managed a Sybase upgrade for the main data warehouse system at a large investment bank.

Office move for a small business (25 employees) including some software and hardware upgrades.

Data archive and retention project of back-office and finance data for an investment bank.

Investment bank system changes required when the Swiss Exchange (SWX) was upgraded.

Rollout of an issue tracking system for technical support teams at an investment bank.

Business continuity site and systems set-up and go-live (investment bank).

Software deliveries, local testing, market-wide testing, and final go-live of back-office systems changes for the Swiss Clearing System (SECOM) re-design.

Project initiation and control system implementation for 10 development teams.

Various projects related to changes in the operation of the Swiss financial markets

General ledger replacement (investment bank).

‘Y2k’ readiness - local and contingency-site tests, transition activities and post year-end support activities. Control and reporting to the relevant management and user groups. Final project close including audit-quality documentation which was later validated by both internal and external auditors. (Investment bank).

Migration of the whole back-office and general ledger for an investment bank from VAX to Alpha hardware (for those of you that remember it!).

Development of a stock management system for a software house supplying systems to the financial markets.

Implementation of accounting systems for two SMEs.

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